NYFW SS18 Day Four – Backstage with Lisa N Hoang

There is always a built-in intimacy with supporting a production backstage. On the one hand, there is a delicate aesthetic balance to be portrayed in capturing the designer’s creative process to the final product or rather the presentation of a final product. On the other hand, there is the inherit trust that can be communicated with a single glance, a gratuitous whisper or an astonished murmur that can be betrayed just as fast by a wolfish gaze or errant flash. Juggling all this communication in real time, often without a single word, is critical to capture the designer’s journey and hence illustrative of their artistry. It’s as much a song and dance with the models, as it is with stage hands, assistants, MUAs and other photographers on hand.


Some garments are so intricate that they never seem to be perfectly finished.

Garments on clothing rack backstage at Lisa N Hoang

Garments were carefully being steamed and stitched throughout the entire prep period for the models.

But this delicate tango is exactly why designers love those who can capture the elements backstage as it tells a completely different picture from the frantic and often harried runway shows. Influenced by a West Coast upbringing and extreme appreciation for haute couture, Lisa N Hoang creates luxury clothing that is equal parts beautiful and wearable. The focus is on premium quality, transitional fashion, made for demanding women who live in a fast-paced, evolving lifestyle. Conceptually, this is synonymous with day to night garments. Technically, this means that Lisa N Hoang primarily creates pieces that are interchangeable to allow for easy transition from the office to the opera.

Model Getting Hair Styled Backstage at Lisa N. Hoang SS18

Black Model has hair styled at LIsa N Hoang during NYFW.

Closeup of Hair Styling Backstage at Lisa N. Hoang NYFW

Perfecting the styling of the model’s hair is an essential element and one that often sees a model dealing with multiple stylists or one who specializes in their ethnicity.

Lisa N. Hoang also made headlines as the youngest designer every to be invited by IMG to show in NYFW: The Shows at only 22 years old. At merely 14 years old, Lisa’s love affair with fashion begun with her first internship and by 16 she had her first bridal client. By 17 she was featured as an emerging designer in Charlotte Seen Fashion Week and won her first People’s Choice award at FashionSpark a mere years later.

Her collection was actually a culmination of several seasons worth of hard work and clearly a dream come true for any designer, but especially for Lisa who began much earlier than most. Jumping from the beauty and serenity of the backstage to the front of the event is definitely quite a jarring effect, but only helped to further illustrate the sophistication of her garments, as they looked even more stunning. Inspired by William Forsythe’s “Scattered Crowds”, the Spring collection explored the concept of space and the way it can be filled whilst still remaining empty. Titled “Clarity”, the collection examined the various stages of lucidity through birth, innocence, rebellion and desire.

The colors were reflective of these concepts with lighter shades of blue, pink and white hues reflecting the purity of birth and innocence and darker shades addressing the sides of rebellion and desire, adding just a hint of mystery and sultriness. Fabric choice also played with these concepts as lighter flowy fabrics including lace and chiffon meant to create a layering effect and prove that space could simultaneously be filled and not by the garment’s constant movement. Mature concepts indeed for such a young designer, but likely the reason we will be seeing much more of the Lisa in the future. Now 23 years old, Lisa has successfully produced her third collection and solidified her standing as a designer to watch.


One of our favorite looks from the show was this beautiful sheer dress.



Lisa was clearly inspired by flowers and their interplay with other textures for this presentation.


The finale look included a gown with a gorgeous floral train.

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