NYFW SS 2018 Day Two – Galtiscopio, Romeo Hunte, 831 Minh Lee, Lyne Cosmetics, Cindy Monteiro and FG NYFW

If anyone asked you what fishnets, fighter pilots and freighters have in common you probably would wonder what type of bad joke this would be. However it isn’t a bad joke when it comes to fashion as Romeo Hunts would prove. At the same time, taking a freighter or fighter to warmer climates will likely place you in the vicinity of designers from Cindy Monteneiro or 831 MinhLe. Day Two of NYFW was all about globetrotting through the lens of different designers and we were happy to support the production of quite a few emerging designers today.


Galtiscopio surprised out of the gate by opening with a soulful rendition of “How Did I Know” from Ray J, an aspect wisely unannounced so as to be a complete surprise to those in attendance. This was a surprising and welcome departure from the normal setup of a fashion show (except for those of CAAFD later) and definitely opened with a great start. The only question was whether most of those in the audience, particularly the younger bloggers who maintained complete fashion composure in the front row were at all aware of who Ray J was.

With such an interesting start, it would be poor taste if the fashion show was lacking, but this was the wrong production to search for any flaws. Galtiscopio is actually a Parisian luxury watch label, well known for their quality timepieces, popular with the fashion crowd in Paris. This show marked their first ever presentation in the US and was meant to not only impress their partners in the US market, but also to drive the dreamy aspiration for which the brand is so well known. Models strutting in beautiful gowns, dresses and pantsuits composed of high quality satins and silks were decadently accessorized with Galtiscopio sunglasses, bracelets, rings, earrings and more, all of which were of course blinged out to the max. From deep reds and royal purples to rich blues and more gold and silver than Chanel handbags in the audience, every look was polished, high end and completely in tune with Galtiscopio’s imagery. It’s no wonder why Paris has always been the epicenter of fashion.

There was a brief segment, the later half of the show, a stark departure from the dreamy elegance of the first looks, with stripes made of belts, plastic and more belts, used to make capes, blouses, jackets and more. It almost felt as if there were two different designers, one decidedly more risky and one who wanted to stay as close to the dreamworld Galtiscopio seeks to create. Surprisingly, the music shifted once again and a return to the sparkly, bedazzled world of watchmaker seemed to return with ensembles more fit for a ballroom dancer, with glittering skirts, dresses and sleeves along with sheer and fringe accents galore. Oddly enough to close the presentation, another group of rappers, King Combs came out to perform their own single. The “show” aspect of this presentation was definitely not lost.

“If only, everyone in the world could have a watch that allowed them to not worry about being confined to time …”. A fitting brand story and one we hope to see much more of in the future.


Image Credit: FilterGrade

Galtiscopio Sparkly Romper NYFW SS18

Galtiscopio Burgundy Slit Gown NYFW SS18

Galtiscopio Satin Long Sweater NYFW SS18

Image Credit: The Garnette Report

Romeo Hunte

Romeo Hunte is focused on outerwear and rightfully so. This was definitely emphasized by fishnet stockings wore over nude leggings ( for most of the models ), placing the focus clearly on garments above the waist. Plaids and prints ruled the collection, which was wisely presented in a non-runway format to allow for more intimate pictures of the water-resistant gear and a better look at how the expansive collection draped on a variety of silhouettes. Models stood side to side with the pieces, alternating back to front and often directly making eye contact with whomever was taking their picture. Occasionally they would walk to the front of the runway then quickly exit and return to another spot further down the line, in an intricate choreography that allowed everyone to see garments in motion from multiple angles. This definitely seems to be a good hybrid of runway and presentation and we will probably see more of this in the future. All said Romeo Hunte was an extremely cohesive collection of street-forward outerwear that we could see more of this Fall and Spring.





Cindy Monteiro

Easy, breezy, beautiful, a trademarked phrase that could have very easily been applied to Cindy Monteiro’s first NYFW presentation. The Cape Verde born designer featured the most diverse range of models we’ve seen during NYFW (at that time), strutting barefoot on the runway as the mujeres would do in her native country. Diversity of the models aside, the ease at which the models moved was exemplified by ease with which her garments flowed from beautiful harem pants to more exotic ruffled and wide legged ensembles as well as jumpsuits and dresses galore. The collection melded seamlessly from look to look, with the transition from jumpsuit to dress to pants and back as easygoing as Monteiro herself. Building upon this was the actual composition of the garments, weaving cotton, jute, linen and raffia with beads, shells and what appeared to be small pearls, creating a kind of “natural” or raw luxury.

Every part of Cindy Monteiro’s collection was finely hued in white, black, beige and gold, a clear nod to the wealth of heritage present in the designers background. Her collection, aptly named Bernadina, was meant to place attendees in the mindset of her earlier work, raw, yet full of passion and character, displaying both the strength and softness of women and the fluidity of nature.

Capturing the full island vibe was definitely on a goal for Cindy, showing for the first time during NYFW in her first ever visit to the United States. Consider that goal accomplished, with the natural, laid back look of the models and decidedly calypso tunes to serve as a backdrop to her artistry. We sincerely hope to be seeing a lot more from the designer soon.






Loved this look from Cindy Monteiro’s first NYFW production. Definitely a designer to watch.


We loved the fact that Cindy Monteiro used models that were more diverse, similar to women she would find in her native Cape Verde.

831 Minle

831 Minh Le was a collection punctuated by fifty shades or nude, with fleshy pink hues resembling a small village for their SS18 presentation. For only their first time showing in NYFW, Minhle was definitely a designer with a strong sense of aesthetic. Vietnamese designer Minh Le is a lot younger than one would think, a theme that would definitely continue to echo throughout this season’s shows. Minh Le’s is to provide clothing that women can enjoy, enabling them to be happy and confident, instilling a sense of timeless with enduring classic lines and a modern take on the classic silhouette. Clearly Minh is a supporter of the see-now-buy-now fad that has all but lost all it’s steam, as her looks were shortly available in her online store slightly after the runway presentation.




Certain pieces in 831 Minh Le’s collection bordered between contemporary and bridal in terms of contruction / apperance.



The collection featured an assortment of hues from a mustard yellow to light tan to beige and hues of pink as well.


Lyne Cosmetics Beauty Presentation

Lyne Cosmetics had a small beauty presentation during the day that was only a block away to from the shows at FG NYFW which was our primary assignment / cover for today. Its always great to attend events and get an opportunity to intimately meet the founder / owner of the brand and Lyne was as sweet as they come. We would have loved to see maybe a Sephora style beauty table where Lyne Cosmetics makeup artists could show you how Lyne Cosmetics recreates this season’s hottest runway looks, but the charm of the event wasn’t lost either way. We’re looking forward to hearing more about the brand and their owner Lyne in the future and loved the welcome change of pace that was her beauty presentation.

Lyne Cosmetics Makeup Display NYFW SS18

Lyne Cosmetics presented their new fall collection, Rouge during NYFW.


Lyne Founder of Lyne Cosmetics

The founder of Lyne Cosmetics was present at the event to greet admirers of the brand.

Until next time guys.

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