NYFW SS 2018 Day One – Style Fashion Week, Boccaine LDN, NFP Studio, Nolah Elan Park Avenue and Pamela Quinzi

As always, fashion week starts like a whirlwind. If it’s not a blistering snowstorm or heat wave, it’s the sudden realization that your every waking moment is spent traveling from venue to venue, showroom to showroom and neighborhood to neighborhood to see any number of amazing creatives. So for us, it suddenly felt like the race was on, without any warning or notice and running thirty minutes behind meant missing a presentation or show altogether. The good thing is once you get that momentum, you never stop and we quickly settled back into the routine of fashion week.

Style Fashion Week

Our day started late, with a trek all the way out to the Intrepid Museum of Air and Sea over there on the West Side. Style Fashion Week has always been renowned for its accessibility, both from the number of people within the industry and related industries to the type and quantity of designers presenting to (and this is most important) the location. This time around, Style Fashion Week might have dropped the baton a little after strong showings at Madison Square Garden and Hammerstein Ballroom in years pass. The Intrepid definitely is not a “within walking distance” kind of place, so be prepared to spend a little time there once you reach the venue.

Bocaine LDN

In all honesty, we’re still not exactly sure what Bocaine LDN stands for, but it does have a certain cool factor to the name. For the second stop of the evening, we stuck to smaller emerging brands and decided to visit this new concept store. While not exactly the most heavily trafficked event of the night, there was a pretty “Bocaine” vibe with trap / hip hop tunes, guys playing pool and urban / streetwear focused brands in a rather refined and minimalist setting. The contrasting effect was definitely not lost. While there wasn’t much to do, there was a lot to see, most notably Frankie | Upton, RYU and Fancy.


The scene from the Bocaine LDN Launch Party on the first day of NYFW SS18.


Minimalist aesthetic from Frankie | Upton at Boccaine LDN Launch Party.


We spotted Ashley Weddington of a Styled Mind browsing the goods at the Bocaine LDN Launch Party.

NFP Studio

If you ever happen to be on Mulberry Street randomly and would love to have a great conversation about amazing fashion, we definitely recommend swinging by NFP Studio’s SOHO flagship and chatting with designer Gail Travis. Not only does Gail have an amazing backstory of growing as a designer from humble beginnings working as an assistant at Calvin Klein, Vera Wang and other household name designers, but she also can style her multi-functional pieces fifteen different ways while telling it. Gail, like many of the more advanced contemporary designers, that are, well, her contemporary, draws her inspiration from her surroundings, personal interactions, experience of movement, and architecture and sculpture. This constant fluidity and evolution lends itself to her designs, which like modern architecture and sculpture is very modular and like the human experience contorts into many different fashions for many different functions.

In an age so heavily predicated and dominated by fast-fashion, Gail’s creative upside-down and inside-out garments create a longevity and sustainability to her pieces, which although not technically slow fashion, can easily form a basis of solid functional pieces for your wardrobe. We only wish we could have recorded Gail’s garment bending escapades as she flipped, folded and reverted her knit sweater into a shawl, scarf, waist-tie, crop sweater and more. However, it’s still highly recommended you go see it for yourself.


Junior Editor Katie Lacour spoke with Designer Gail Travis of New Form Production during a showroom visit on the first day of NYFW.

Nolah Elan Park Avenue

Nolah Elan Park Avenue was definitely a show in a pickle. The concept of a New Orleans speakeasy style venue complete with a Jazz band and all the works was definitely a great fit for the bespoke collection. Conceptually, the Chic backdrop of the chandeliers at the St Giles Court Hotel, along with the band and event staff dressed in their blacks was meant to transport guests to the majestic Gilded Age of Jazz (you’re not far off if your first thought is Great Gatsby). However, this fell a little short as guests had very staggered arrival times courtesy of a misprint online. As a result, models, dressed and ready prior to the show spent quite a bit of time standing around and lounging about in their outfits. Basically, by the time the runway became an actual runway, everyone had been given the equivalent of an all-access pass. This being said, if you want attention grabbing sequined covered dresses Nolah Elan Park Avenue has that. All cocktail dresses and gowns were almost entirely covered in reflective sequins. Perfect for those not afraid of a flashy metallic dress during any occasion outside of New Years Eve. Here a few of the looks we enjoyed from the runway.


A beaded sequin gown adorns a lovely model at Nolah Elan Park Avenue.





Until tomorrow.

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