NYMFW SS 2018 Day Two – Men’s Street Style + Nick Graham SS18

For too many, Men’s Fashion Week is just another in a series of mid-summer days, hot as a dog with no relief in sight. Fashion is often traded for comfort and coolness as even the most faithful Uber to and from production less one minute in the sun ruin their street style compilations. But for the select few that brave the wet collars, ruined tresses and muggy conditions, there is plenty to see with designers, new and old pushing the latest in men’s fashion. Oftentimes however the coolest fashion isn’t found on the runway, but on the street and stopping relative stranger to be the first to share their style (and ask who they are wearing) becomes just as interesting as the presentations themselves. We partnered with our friend and burgeoning street style photographer M.C. Conner to share some of the coolest looks from Day Two of Men’s Fashion Week, just as guests were heading to seeing Nick Graham’s SS18 presentation. Here are some of our faves:


Detail Shot of a Stylish Young Couple at NYFWM



Guys weren’t the only fashionable act in town during Men’s Week.



This fly fellow looked as though he walked right off the set of That 70s Show.



Nick Graham SS 2018 Presentation

As for Nick Graham’s actual show, that was quite a wave as well. Inspired by the ocean, Nick Graham’s latest collection featured plenty of hues of blue, from navies to pastels to even a little royal blue and then a sunburst of oranges, yellows, reds and the occasional purple or pink. Dare we say, some cerulean as well (just kidding). Combined with the hunky beach boy models and even a few looks for the ladies, Nick Graham continues to find creative ways to definite and present the “Perennial Milennial”. These are men who do not represent a particular age or income level, but rather are looking for updated alternatives to the traditional menswear offering, the perfect hosts a collection that mixed themes from the sixties with corals and nautical elements, all while retaining a very modern fit. Nick Graham’s collection was groundbreaking and didn’t really feature any “AHHHHH” moments, but definitely had the character (try parakeets on the shoulder) and fun advocates have come to expect of the brand.

Nick Graham SS18 Presentation Mens Fashion Week Look 21

Nick Graham SS18 Presentation Mens Fashion Week Look 24

Nick Graham SS18 Presentation Mens Fashion Week Look 27

Nick Graham SS18 Presentation Mens Fashion Week Look 1

Nick Graham SS18 Presentation Mens Fashion Week Look 13

Nick Graham SS18 Presentation Mens Fashion Week Look 14

Images of Nick Graham SS18 are courtesy of WWD.

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