Sustainable Fashion with Esabitchin 2017

ESA (Evolving Sustainable Apparel) was the organization behind this May day gathering of fashion folk, promising a unique experience that was part concept shop, part popup and part fashion presentation. With such an ambitious agenda, it’s easy to forgive them if one of the areas of this event fell a little flat, but here that wasn’t the case. From the curation of incredible designer talent to the vegetation as decoration and mixed artsy audience, ESA did very little to disappoint on any end of the spectrum. ESA’s Esabitchin’ 2017, which took place at 15 Orchid Street in the Lower East Side and featured designers Zero Waste Daniel, A New York Affair, Rosina Mae, Purple Impression, Jackii Ramis, and Tamasq as they showcased their new collections presentation style, was an overall testament to the evolving frame of more local and more inclusive fashion events.

One word that couldn’t be lost in the vibe / atmosphere that night was local and sustainable. Everything from the indie bands performing to the intimate venue to the visual fusion of fashion, performance and physical art, even down to the friendly persona of the models and the fun fashions that were shoppable as part of the pop-up, just felt local. Lower East Side crowds tend to be very diverse and eclectic, which was definitely the case at Esabitchin 2017, as the entire venue was down to earth and easygoing, a far cry from the more pretentious show-goers one can meet during the larger fashion weeks. It’s quite possible this is just the trend of spring fashion events, where a little more unwinding from the winter is acceptable.

The drinks, sponsored by Indie Wineries, definitely felt like a strong part of the overall event, rather than just another beverage sponsor, due to the more independent vibe of the brand with boxed wines and cooler mixes, which coalesced nicely with the designers in attendance and overall vibe of the event.



Models wearing tunics, blouses, shirts and scarves from Purple Impression.


Models wearing Tamasq dresses at Esabitchin 2017.


Four models wearing Rosina Mae including Ohn of OhnMintryFresh at Esabitchin 2017.


Four models wearing A New York Affair shirts and Zero Waste Daniel pants at Esabitchin 2017.


A model wearing Rosina Mae at the Esabitchin 2017 Presentation.


A model wears Purple Impression at the Esabtichin’ 2017 Presentation.


Guests enjoy shopping the pop-up section at Esabitchin 2017.



Wine in a box from Indie Wineries.

Featured image courtesy of The Ordinary Peoples. All other images courtesy of ESA.

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