NYFW FW 2017 – Day Six – Mara Hoffman, Fashion CAAAFD Emerging Designers Collective

Hard to believe it’s already Day Six, but that’s mainly because we aren’t attending the same number of daytime shows as last time. While that won’t be the case for the next fashion week, it sure helps to make the days feel a lot shorter.

Day Six includes stops at Mara Hoffman and the CAAFD Emerging Designer Collective, each of which had a unique focus. Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman invited the founders of the Women's March on Washington to open her show with a speech for her FW 2017 Ready to Wear Collection. Image Credit: Paper Mag

Mara Hoffman invited the founders of the Women’s March on Washington to open her show with a speech for her FW 2017 Ready to Wear Collection. Image Credit: Paper Mag

Political statements from fashion designers are hardly uncommon and particularly in this political climate, as designers continuously search for ways to make statements on the runway and in their showrooms; voicing their sentiment of the current administration. Mara Hoffman’s presentation was no different, beginning with a speech by the founders of the Women’s March on Washington, Linda Sarsour, Bob Bland, Tamika Mallory and Carmen Perez. While the message was definitely more of a “I am woman, recognize me” stance, there was definitely a quiet defiance to the socioeconomic reality of more than just women, but all people.

Freedom of expression seemed to be a point of Hoffman’s latest collection, which featured a mixture of models and dancers from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, body types and heights. Diversity definitely personified. Models half strutted / half danced and posed around the actual dancers, who were also outfitted in pieces from the new fall collection. Part runway, part contemporary dance, Hoffman’s entire message seemed to be geared towards making a statement about freedom, movement and unfettered expression.


Dancers quite literally leaped and bounded across the entire floor.



Even the models seemed to be dancing along the runway.





Models of all walks of life were represented in the presentation, ranging in heights, body types, and gender associations.



One of our favorite looks of the entire presentation.


All images courtesy of Trend Council.

New York Fashion Week has definitely shown that designers can be very outspoken in their reservations about the world of politics, but that didn’t lessen the impact and beauty of Hoffman’s Fall / Winter 2017 Ready to Wear collection in the slightest.

CAAFD Emerging Designers Showcase

The CAAFD has definitely been moving in the right direction and their name is starting to become synonymous with both quality production and accessibility. As the nightcap of the Shows at Pier 59 Studios, this presentation was equal parts creative showcase and musical grandstanding, definitely in line with what we had seen today.

The show opened to the blaring horns of a trumpeteer clad in white (plus a nice fur coat), bellowing out tunes in unison to a sync keyboard with equal harmony and disdain. It was his show, but at times he shared the spotlight letting the keyboard drift into a familiar melody before again blowing that horn. Once the trumpeter left the stage, the designs of Sumy Kujon were streamed out in well choreographed fashion.


A one man act to open the presentation, courtesy of the horns himself.

Sumy Kujon’s collection could be described as “earthy”, almost at odds with the more polished appearance of the Piers, which definitely helps draw a contrasting attention to the collection. The opening look was a knit cape dress, setting the expectation for the presentation with looks could be worn off the runway. The Peruvian designer wisely closed the collection with a flowing green cape, bringing together the more earth tone hues with the beiges, dark greys, olive greens and tans gliding up and down the runway.


Sumy Kujon started her presentation with what appeared to be a knit shirtdress.


This came from the collection of Sumy Kujon.


Sumy Kujon’s presentation closed with this piece that perfectly embodied the entire collection. Image Credit: IFashion Network

Following Sumy Kujon, another trumpeter (also clad in white) decided to have his own synth battle in what would of course be a decisive victory for the trumpet, blaring loud and proud. Shortly thereafter, the trumpeter surrendered the stage to the quiet coilings of a beautiful violinist, less forceful but leaving a sense of longing in the air and drawing the energy of the room whenever she landed. Compared to the previous aggression of the trumpet, the violin almost seemed calming yet equally aggressive in shaping her space, almost foretelling that the presentation would take a decisive shift.

This fed beautifully into the final designs by popular Italian designer Chicca Lualdi and her BeeQueen collection. Italian elements were distinct in her collection, channeling the sophistication common in European designers to looks that were almost ready to wear right off the runway. A mixture of sheer, cape tops and feminine scarves combined with slightly loose striped blouses, sweaters and checkered jackets sporting muted palette of greys, beiges, pinks and tans were prevalent in the fall / winter collection; showcasing Chicca’s familiarity with fashions celebrities love to wear on and off the carpet.


Chicca Lualdi, seemingly the more accomplished designer presented this chic beige striped shirt.


Admittedly, not one of our favorite pieces in the shearling vest, but was a great element of continuity across the collection.


The motif wasn’t reserved for a single piece alone.


A very polished look that could go from runway to real life included this sheer blouse and amazing textured pants.


Another clever cape piece for Chicca Lualdi. As an Italian Designer, this definitely felt at home in her collection.


One of our favorite looks of the presentation was this patterned cape. It had a little Burberry or Coach feel to it.


The finale walk for Designer Chicca Lualdi.


The crowd attending the event was filled with stunning internationally based fashionistas such as the couple pictured above.

Nina Davuluri and Kalpana Malviya

The lovely Nina Davuluri and Kaplana Malviya were sitting front-row the CAAFD’s Emerging Designer Showcase.

While there wasn’t a ton verbalized about the various designers, the statement of the CAAFD was clear, a showcase of emerging creative talent that we should hear more about sooner than later. Day Six of NYFW started and ended pretty late, but somehow feeling more energized than ever for the remaining two days. In fact I’m a little sad it’s over so quickly.

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