NYFW Day Six – Jasmine Chong, NYFW No 3, Zang Toi, Marina Micamovic ( AMCONYC ), Fenty x Puma

Jasmine Chong

Day Six of New York Fashion Week began with some of the best weather I’ve seen all week. It was neither blazing hot nor too cold, but indeed a perfect fit for jumping around to shows throughout the city. The day started with a jaunt to And & And to see Jasmine Chong which we were lucky to get an invite too. We literally arrived at the very end of the production due to unfortunate NYC traffic delays, but from the buzz after the event and the few looks we did see, Jasmine Chong is defintely a designer to watch. Chong’s salon presentation featured flowing and soft fabrics, beautiful silks and satins, elegantly draped along with sheers and cutouts in varying shades of nude and beige. Not really having time to get any quality pictures from the event, here are a few of our favorite looks from Jasmine Chong’s website.


Jasmine Chong Spring / Summer 2017 Look 6 – Tempest Dress


Jasmine Chong Spring / Summer 2017 Look Five – Abbreviated Archer Jacket and Sarah Cropped Pants


Jasmine Chong Spring / Summer 2017 Look 10 – Ripple Bias Gown

Image Credit: Jasmine Chong


From there we wanted to see what all the intrigue behind NYFW No 3 was ( and still are honestly trying to figure that out ). The event took place in the Lexington Armory, which if the name is any indicator, the venue was massive. However, the show was limited to a small space with white draping in the center of the space. While the setup was awkward (if only due to the size of the venue), the designers themselves were definitely pretty good.

The show opened to lace, sheer and tulle presented by L’Atelier Ioana Calin. The gowns were as expected for runway, equal parts beautiful and delicate, but not what most would expect in a week dominated by RTW. The 12-piece collection was actually constructed with a variety of laces with silk thread, pearls, tulle and Swarovski crystals alongside handmade accessories. Ioana Calin, the designer behind the collection titled “I love fairy tales” was inspired by the fairy tales of princesses from her Romanian youth. She imagined the feeling of creating dresses for dolls that had come to life and become true princesses.


Final walk of models for L’Atelier Ioana Calin at No3 NYFW.


Its beautiful to be exposed to international designer talent, such as Ioana Calin all the way from Romania.

Bianca Popp kicked the gear up a notch with livelier tunes and a more ephemeral collection. Featuring what appeared to be suedes among other fabrics, the brand evoked feelings of comfortable loungewear or casual clothing more than anything else. The concept of her SS17 collection was Disruptive Dreams, partially inspired by a nostalgia of living somewhere else — the town girl dreaming of living in the country, the country girl dreaming of living in the city, but neither giving up on who they are.


Designer Bianca Popp, also from Romania, showed during No 3 NYFW.

No.3 Mag NYFW 2016 Bianca Popp from No.3 Magazine on Vimeo.

In what seemed to be a huge nod to more of the Asian influences permeating American popular conscience, Spoff saw models sporting fluffy colorful headphones with really cute slippers with little wings on the side ( they really looked like wings ). Unfortunately, the designer and models ran off the stage and apparently out of the Armory before I was able to confirm.


Spoff’s collection would include a lot of fluffy pink elements like the headphones.


One of our favorite looks from the entire collection. Love the mixture of fabrics and textures.


Something about this made me think of yodeling.

However, like the other labels, Spoff is also an independent ready-to-wear fashion brand, which debuted its SS 2017 collection “Soft Power” after designer duo Laura Bonciu and Patricia Adăscăliței became inspired by performance sportswear, contemporary art and a new form of feminism. The 27 pieces in the collection were meant to explore the increasingly gray areas between fashion and the shifting cultural acceptance of outward expression of emotion, simultaneously soft and textured, vibrant yet nearly bleached-out pastels. The garments definitely fit the brand’s ethos to become a stream of self-expression for young people who stand out in a crowd in spontaneous, effortless style.

Zang Toi

Little explanation is ever needed for Zang Toi. Simply put, it’s an amazing production through and through and has been since probably before I first attended their show in Spring 2015.

This time around Zang Toi opened to some very lively French music I could only assume to be the equivalent to older American Swing in France. Zang Toi is well known for building to a dramatic climax, almost as though you are being shown a story and this was on display throughout the production.

Zang Toi Spring 2017 Colleciton

Zang Toi’s entire collection featured purple, lavender, lilac, black, ivory and very little else, but had immaculate detailing.

Image Credit: WWD

Lavender, Amethyst, Fuschia and other shades of purple glided down the runway on thin silhouettes complemented by a pace matching the beat and flashbulbs to guide them down the catwalk. Lilac, Ivory and Black also colored modern, yet clean and feminine profiles with elements of fine detailing such as intricate floral patterns and crystals. If you closed your eyes, it almost felt reminiscent of a French stroll through the gardens after the rain.

Zang Toi SS17 Runway Collection Florals

Zang Toi’s collection featured clean, feminine silhouettes and striking floral details. It was nonetheless beautiful.

Image Credit: StyleLifeFashion

Then the entire room changed to the tune of orchestral grandeur as Toi’s collection shifted from ready to wear or luxury to Couture like pieces including a beautiful embroidered deep purple sequin cape and similarly beautiful full-length black satin gowns colorblocked with purple. The only words that could accurately describe the aura are fairy-tail and surreal, as the garments had almost a dreamlike beauty in their shimmering purple hues.

Zang Toi Spring 2017 NYFW Cape Collection

Dramatic pieces like this cape dress mixing exquisite draping and detailing closed out a strong colleciton.

Image Credit: WWD

When the music stopped and the room darkened, Zang Toi emerged to a near euphoric standing applause as though we all just awoke from our magic slumber and found ourselves face to face with the architect of the Matrix. Then we were off. Loved every minute of Zang Toi and look forward to the opportunity to shop the collection and attend the show next Spring.

Marina Micanovic

We caught the very tail end of this presentation, literally the part when the models were standing in front of the event backdrop. While we didn’t really see the production, knowing the AMCONYC team, I’m sure it was amazing. Looking forward of course to attending next year’s shows.

Marina Micanovic SS 2017

Model Cat Yudain of Shots Agency Management for Marina Micanovic Spring / Summer 2017.

Image Credit: AMCONYC

The team at AMCONYC also had a great video that captured the looks and energy of Marina Micanovic’s SS 2017 collection. It’s three minutes long but includes some pretty detailed looks at each piece of the collection.

Fenty x Puma

Not 100% sure why we visited Fenty x Puma, except for the fact that Rihanna is near god-like in her amazing, cool and swag all at once. As die-hard Rihanna lovers, this trip was the literal definition of a nightcap and any and all energy we didn’t have from the long day immediately returned upon entering the doorway. This store is exactly the reason images exist, but sadly we could not capture the energy of the room as a DJ spun ( almost exclusively for us ) high energy reggae, hip hop and R&B tracks perfect for us.

Still, we encourage you to visit the store before it closes on September 25th. I was able to get one of the black Fenty chokers (which is to die for), which made me so happy as they were almost sold out. Until next time.


Loved this beautiful hoody and over-sized sweatpants combo from Fenty x Puma.


Who doesn’t love Rihanna?

Featured Image: The Garnett Report

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